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Maximizing potential. Successfully. With competence.

Israel Easy

Maximizing potential. Successfully. With competence.

We support you in establishing or strengthening business relations to Israel. You benefit from our market knowledge, many years of experience, intercultural competence and our extensive network.


(In Israel slang for: „Let's go!“)

Israel is one of the most important innovation hubs in the world today. That's why it's clear that many companies are on the lookout for new digital solutions in the Holy Land.

Are you wondering how your company can benefit from Made in Israel? Then you've come to the right place. Take advantage of our Israel expertise and prepare for your first or subsequent steps in Israel. This way you will avoid learning it the hard way in a country with a completely different business culture.

Lama Israel?

(Hebrew for: „Why Israel?“)

Israel is one of the leading drivers of innovation in the digital world and has produced some well-known brands in the last decade, such as Mobileye, Waze, Wix, Monday, eToro and many others. In this context, the Startup Nation is particularly known for topics such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and Big Data solutions. Israel also has a lot to offer in the foodtech sector: Top topics there are protein and sugar substitutes, but also artificially produced meat from the 3D printer or sustainable packaging. Startups are about bringing these technologies to market in new B2B or B2C solutions. Top topics there are protein replacement products and more sustainable packaging, but also 3D printed artificially produced meat. Also important are the numerous sustainability solutions from Israel, ranging from drip irrigation, which was invented on a kibbutz as early as 1965, to seawater desalination or a technology for extracting water from the air.

  • 3D printers, the USB stick, Internet telephony (VoIP), the firewall, the first camera technology for autonomous driving and cherry tomatoes, are developments from Israel.
  • There are currently more than 6,000 startups in Israel, that is the most startups, per capita, in the world.
  • Israel spends the most money on R&D in the world, with more than 350 research and development centers in the country.

Ha’hazaa Shelanu

(Hebrew for „Our Offer“)

Market Access

We advise you on your first and subsequent steps to Israel and support you in answering important business-related questions. What can you expect? What opportunities does the country offer you? How can you proceed? Specifically, we prepare market analyses and opportunity profiles for you.


Intercultural Trainings

You have heard about the Israeli Chuzpa, but you don't know exactly what it is? Get fit for your next appointments with Israelis in our intercultural trainings. You will also learn what role Chuzpa plays in this.



You are looking for an innovative solution, a product or a cooperation with partners in Israel. We screen the market for you, based on your individual briefing, together with our local partners in Tel Aviv.


On-site in Israel

Personal experience is always better than reading about something or watching reports. If you want to get a personal impression of Israel and your business opportunities on-site, we will put together an appropriate program for you and arrange the appointments.


Request your project now


We deal with Israelis practically every day. It is part of our routine to translate cultural differences and to make the best out of them.

German-Israeli Events

In recent years, we have initiated, conceptualized and implemented German-Israeli business events with numerous partners.


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